After having a year from hell, Facebook parties like it’s 2017

ast weekend, Facebook hosted an expensive two-day Christmas party for employees. The big event, held this coming year on the Palace of wonderful Arts in Frisco, were built with a winter village theme. It appeared as if a wonderful here we are at all!

It was tough to hear within the drummers par-um-puh-pum-pumming, so there is no approach to confirm whether anyone expressed an opinion about how Mark Zuckerberg among others handled the solution to the newest York Times story in November about Facebook’s employment of PR firm Definers Public Affairs, as well as firm’s attempts to smear Facebook’s critics just like George Soros by having an antisemitic narrative. Maybe someone brought this and was drowned out by the music. The toy soldiers don’t appear to be they were much for conversation anyway.

It’s also unclear if one of the journalists who may have partnered with Facebook as factcheckers were invited towards the party, but considering studies a large number of taking faith in Facebook’s persistence to your energy and they believe and may used as crisis PR, they won’t have revealed anyway.

Or perhaps talk drifted to Facebook’s part inside spread of misinformation and human rights abuses in Myanmar? Or about how false rumours on Whatsapp in April (of Facebook!) had Indian authorities scrambling to combat a spate of murders of the viral misinformation?

Or maybe they discussed how Sri Lanka had blocked having access to Facebook, WhatsApp AND Instagram in March in an effort to curb mob violence fond of its Muslim minority from a group of inflammatory posts on the social network platforms.

These are not particularly festive topics, though the end of the season is normally enough time to take stock. Facebook did, in the own inimitable style. No one has yet posted images on the party of a large ice sculpture offering a two-fingered salute to everyone after the network’s annus horribilis. But we’re sure it’s on the market.


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