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Bug in Nest Thermostat turns off heating for most

Nest has acknowledged a computer software bug is affecting a handful of its best thermostats allowing the high-profile internet of products device to prevent working.

The bug drains it throughout the thermostat, even if the system is connected, forcing it to disconnect from boilers and air conditioning systems, turning them off before it closes.

Nest said from a statement on its support site: “Some customers could possibly be experiencing a difficulty with their Nest Thermostat becoming slow, unresponsive, or can not turn on since the battery has drained.”

The solution is to “recharge and restart your thermostat” in line with the company. A central heating system controlled by Nest Thermostat systems in the united kingdom can still be manually activated by pushing the button over the Heat Link device that connects right to the boiler.

The issue seems to be inside the 5.1.3 software update that was pushed off to some versions in the thermostats in the past month. Nest said it ran a treatment for the 0.5% of folks that it really is affecting.

The Guardian has been not able to replicate the issue.

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