Chase sunlight race preview: ‘A unique coast to coast bike challenge’

ften this is the simplest ideas that prove the most compelling. And so it has been Chase the Sun. Task? Ride around the world in a single day; coast to coast; east to west; dawn to dusk. This past year, 700 cyclists from around the globe took part in the event’s 10th-anniversary ride. Originally conceived by Olly Moore, the style differs from the others: it’s actually a ride, not much of a race; it’s a collective endeavour. The ride attracts cyclists from many countries and backgrounds, from trained athletes to determined novices, experienced long-distance adventurers to city commuters. There is no timing or ranking, no medals, merely the ultimate success of chasing direct sunlight across the country to discover the sunset to the coastline. In 2019, the wedding will be bigger and more exciting than ever before. At midsummer sunrise on 22 June, riders could chase the sunlight some 200 miles for a personal choice of three different routes: in south and north UK, and Italy. The southern leg starts at sunrise to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and finishes at sunset in Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset. The northern leg is Tynemouth to Prestwick. In Italy, the ride traverses the nation from Cesenatico to Tirrenia. The event is free of charge, but you will find support and accommodations.
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