Ellie Goulding: ‘I’m finally myself again’

hanks to her stadium-husky voice, deployed on expansive pop filled with unabashed emotion, Ellie Goulding is certainly one of several UK’s biggest global pop stars. In 2019 she releases her fourth album which, judging by the wonderful songs played towards Guardian, will most definitely be another hit. But she boasts a collection of ongoing extracurricular activities.

Where has top of your head been at for the reason that last album?
I finished touring, gone to New york city, and I was jaded, depleted for any artistic inspiration. I really started cooking, visiting the dry cleaners, learning piano. Ny won’t have the same rock’n’roll scene previously, and it was very lonely. I’d often book studios and there’d never be anyone else there. But it gave me a type of freedom, since there was no one saying to push out a an album. I wasn’t forcing myself to publish pop songs about boys and relationships, when i once were so involved with once i was younger.

And you got engaged. Would you write about that?
I have a terrible habit of analysing circumstances to in an inch in their lives, well, i didn’t need to overanalyse some tips i had with him


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