Internet of Things

Five key insights about the internet of all things and shopping

Retailers may gain advantage from more customer data

Laura Lilienthal, marketing director, EVRYTHNG
Gaining richer customer stats are usually a massive advantage to retailers. With the ability to integrate the physical (logistics, stores, products) when using the digital (product profiles and interactions, web visits, customer data in CRM) is extremely important.

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– as long as privacy concerns are addressed

Simon Liss, head of strategy and innovation, Omnifi
Privacy concerns shall be real barrier and risk. As being an industry I do think discussing addressing these together with yet –

Retailers can collect hugely detailed pictures of shopper activity if he or she prefer to. Many people are pretty helpful to allowing apps admission to your own data and, if you find a clear quid pro quo, as well as an element of transparency and control. Using personal information on shopper habits without control and transparency is dangerous, from the customer trust view at a minimum.

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IoE could have a big affect the supply chain

Simon Gill, chief creative officer, UK, DigitasLBi
I’ve began to start to see the term “IIoT” C or industrial internet of things used now. The worthiness forecasts in this are staggering. To be able to better track, understand and control the behind the scenes is loaded with lots of potential, in optimising the unbooked time of items.

Bob Garland, vertical solutions architect, Cisco
Connecting products themselves C whether directly with smart products or via proxy having a smart label C has the potential to change up the supply chain. Knowing where all things are frequently, knowing its provenance et cetera is beneficial to customers just as much as the retailer. Smart labels with embedded sensors connected to product notifys you but if your whisky continues to be tampered with and the prawns got hot on the lorry.

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– even so the role of beacons was over-hyped

Danielle Pinnington, managing director, Shoppercentric
Beacons certainly aren’t something shoppers are talking about C even though we research those types of shoppers heavily into m-commerce, e-commerce, wearables and so on. They’ve read about them, but they are a bit suspicious that it’ll be just more noise.

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The internet of all things could enable us to reorder products from your product itself

Laura Lilienthal, marketing director, EVRYTHNG
Putting this place out there: let’s suppose you didn’t need to a store (physical or digital) but could reorder with the product itself? I’d enjoy to reduce reordering of certain products to your simple, digital interaction.

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