Ford Mondeo: ‘Where is Mondeo Man when you wish him?’

Ford Mondeo
9.2 seconds
Top speed
CO2 99g/km

When Tony Blair introduced us to “Mondeo Man” at the Labour party conference in October 1996, the land was riding the wave of optimism that finally triggered New Labour’s election win the following year. Mondeo Man had followed smartly in the footsteps of Essex Man, who himself had done a lot of to ringfence Thatcher’s popularity. As today’s politicians thrash about, neglecting to relate with us, their parties and perhaps themselves, it might be here we are at Ford to step back to the limelight-

More than Twenty-five years since its launch, the brand still represents countless virtues Blair first identified: it’s no-nonsense, hard working, stoic, durable and, for any army of sales managers who do it to shuttle up and down Britain, it in all probability may be the backbone of the country. But on the wheel, today, you can find Mondeo Person C we are no less than more gender-enlightened during these dark days.

Though Mondeo is forever entwined in this minds with middle England, it is in fact an auto which has a global reach. Ford introduced it in 1993 because it is second “world car” (the Escort was the main) plus it was developed to consolidate several existing model lines. The Mondeo name arises from the Latin mundus, meaning “world”.

It has become phenomenally successful and contains sold in the millions. And why wouldn’t it? It’s spacious, handsome, it drives very well, it’s comfortable enough to take a seat overall day, the estate version is very large, it’s technically sophisticated, amazingly economical, reliable, safe (it gets to be a full five stars inside the EuroNCAP crash tests) and affordable (surely the muse stone that underpins its long-lived success).

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, Mondeo has introduced a hybrid version. It appears comparable to the totally normal model. Step inside and are challenged to identify any difference in the least. But within the polished exterior you will find two electric engines as well as a 2-litre petrol unit. The vehicle switches automatically and seamlessly amongst the various engines, based upon anything you ask the vehicle do today to. It’s very smooth you won’t sense when of transition between petrol and electric and to come back. It is additionally supremely quiet, almost alarmingly so. You have to pay approximately 5,000 more for the hybrid, even so the uplift from reduced fuel and emissions will flatter both your bank account with your eco-conscience.

Are there any buts? Well, needless to say: one minor and the other more dangerous. Is the crappy instrument cluster. It was redesigned and the speedometer now takes centre stage. Even so the display still is confusing and difficult to get with (like our politicians). Aside from mirrors, the dash could be the one thing a driver is absolute to examine, exactly why would someone cause it to be irritating? The second “but” might be more general. Saloons are typically in a perilous state. Sales are falling since we embrace the greater boorish SUV. They’re large, inflexible, intransigent- actually a vehicle for all our times. Everything we need to have is a return to kinder, more respectful ways. Discovered mail an urgent SOS C Save Our Saloons!

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