How bookshops will take on Amazon

I retired from bookselling 12 years ago and, not even close being the newest threat to bookselling, showrooming ended up occurring just before that (Showrooming: the absolutely no 1 threat to bookshops, G2, 18 December). It particularly affected booksellers who attemptedto be in business by specialising. I needed much more than 500 titles C new and secondhand C about golf, and three shelves of course architecture books.

After outside Championship in 2000, I sent 19 parcels to your US right away. By 2005, customers had discovered that Amazon will not steal their charge cards and land them in danger, and i also sent only five. The discrepancy was included by “customers” jotting down the ISBNs of books they want and, less than cutting off their hands, I could not stop them. I’d 37 lovely years bookselling, but will not like to do it in our climate. Best of luck to today’s booksellers C long may you survive on customers who can just learn that a book is “green about this big”.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

For a lover of bookshops (and former librarian) I have got every sympathy with booksellers. I’d never heard the definition of “showrooming”, however in case I’m spotted in a very bookshop consulting a subscriber base, or scribbling info on the sunday paper within my diary, the reason is , I’m checking for books in my small “wishlist”, or making notes in regards to a possible present. Amazon C who needs them?
Jill Bennett
St Albans

During the fightback against Amazon, might independent bookshops consider creating bespoke bookplates? Particularly if buying books as presents, I’d love to be in a position to slip in the cover an “ex libris” bookplate using the name within the bookshop. It besides tells recipients which i value bookshops more than discounts, but additionally adds individuality thus to their copy. And attempt to local designers and printers.
Jenny Swann

Will be track record the contrary of showrooming? I look into book reviews and recommendations on Amazon and then order a duplicate from my local bookshop. Faster delivery, a chat within the till, so they pay their taxes too.
Helen Datson
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

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