Ideal skiing conditions on northern hills – Country diary, 3 January 1969

The north wind doth blow and then we shall have snow and also a surprising number of individuals are satisfied for the prospect. It is only several ever since i first saw some heavily-laden teenagers and women striding the duration of the institution Valley after which you can slogging inside the long shank on the Cheviot simply for the pleasure of sliding around the steep ice slopes within the Bizzle on skis. Currently the sight of cars racing rid of Tyneside with skis strapped on roof-racks or poking out from the window is commonplace. The favoured objectives include the slopes around Allenheads in the far south-west with the county for the best accessible in comparison to the northern hills. Snow conditions there’ve even rated a good intermittent mention in the national press.

Skiing in England – no, really!

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The new winter ritual has had reasonable effects on the economy of an rather desolate area. The money necessary for cottages, among the ruins of last century’s mining, has risen sharply. Meanwhile, while in the same area of the dales, an extremely older winter ritual is acted by the guisers. About the a week ago with the old year, selected men within the area blacken their faces, don fancy dress costume, and parade around Allendale Town with half-barrels of pitch and tar with their heads. Combined with brass bands, they circle the area after which it, for the stroke of midnight, hurl their cargo upon a central fire. Than the festivities, joined yearly by increasingly more visitors, begin in earnest. Each of the rituals, in their own way, may seem to express defiance of the northern winter.


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