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Is wearable technology set to consider over our wardrobes?

Fancy tweeting your mind on an LED-lit cocktail dress? Locating a notification when you have lost your sunglasses? Or watching your emerald ring flash when you’ve been sent a sms text message?

Whether you should wear this futuristic-style wardrobe at this time is a second question, but research has shown that it must be very likely to form element of your attire at some point in the near future. Reported by Gartner, smart clothing is predicted to surpass smartwatches and fitness bands in becoming the main wearables sector by buy, with 26 million smart garments most likely to be shipped in 2016, up from 0.01 million in 2013.

As wearables for example Apple Watches and Fitbits gain traction, a rising variety of startups are driving innovation on this space by including clothes and accessories with super-smart technology.

Take Ringly, a gemstone ring that connects having a smartphone to vibrate or illumine every time a text, email or mobile call comes through. The aim? That will help phone addicts disconnect a bit of from technology. US-based Christina Mercando says she created Ringly because she hated putting her phone available when she was out for dinner with friends or in a conference.

“I wanted my jewellery to remind me of important notifications i really wouldn’t really need to keep my phone out frequently,” she says.

Unusually, Mercando concentrated on setting up a supplement that puts design prior to when the technology.

“We didn’t want something which was bulky and techy or replaced your phone in any respect. Our goal ended up being make something you would wear even when the technology hasn’t been there.”

London-based digital designers CuteCircuit blend LEDs, telecommunications and smart textiles using designs to make clothes that are visual, interactive and playful


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