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Meet Viv: the AI that wants to learn your brain and run your life

o I’ve arrived late on the job of Viv, an artificial intelligence company operating out of San Jose, California. I missed my train from S . fransisco after dawdling leaving my apartment and after that searching out the taxi service app on my phone wouldn’t work. Dag Kittlaus, who I’ve kept waiting, looks on the pros. “Your trials of experiencing here’s the perfect illustration of how Viv is going to be helpful,” he admits that. “Wouldn’t it be possible nice to state ‘I require to San Jose, provide my options’ and Viv know how close you happen to be to the place, should the next train is coming, the spot that the nearest cars, how much it turned out likely to cost-“

Kittlaus may be the co-founder and CEO of Viv, a three-year-old AI startup backed by $30m, including funds from Iconiq Capital, which supports manage the fortunes of Mark Zuckerberg as well as other wealthy tech executives. Inside a blocky office building in San Jose’s downtown, the firm is working on what Kittlaus describes like a “global brain”


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