Micro Falcon X3 electric scooter: ‘Why if your little people get many of the fun?’

Micro Falcon X3
Weight 7.9kg
Top speed 25kmh
Range 10km
Charge time 1 hour

Along with pogo sticks, zip wires and climbing nets, I spend major time looking enviously at kids while they scoot themselves to high school. I’d are actually rubbish in internet marketing C I never managed any tricks in my skateboard C but I’d have loved it. It turned out inevitable a mature version will come along. We big people do not such as small website visitors to necessary the thrill: how else do you really explain trampoline parks and cosplay? We’ve also seen a huge rise in electric personal transportation being used as ‘last mile’ vehicles, whether it be bikes, hoverboards, skateboards or scooters. The theory is basically that you drive towards the station, access the train, then scoot in the station to work. And Micro’s Falcon X3 is likely to make that last leg of one’s journey the most fun. It is a lightweight folding scooter propelled with a surprisingly juicy motor. It has a top speed of 25kmh, which feels thrilling on its little wheels, which is operated by using a simple grip twist. There is a rear brake light, too, for more safety. It will only take seconds to fold, fling over your shoulder after which you can stride on the office. Make sure you wipe the smile off see your face, though: you’re an adult.

Cool kit

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