OnePlus 5T review: premium full-screen experience at half value of iPhone X

The OnePlus 5T propels chinese people company into the brave new trend of full-screen smartphones, with 6in minimal bezel display squeezed on the body of the 5.5in device.

The 5T is OnePlus’s fourth phone in just two years. Unlike the OnePlus 3 to 3T upgrade in 2016, the internal components for that 5T have mostly stayed exactly like the ones from the OnePlus 5, together with the screen and camera the most important differences.

The 6in full HD+ AMOLED screen takes priority, stretching to fill leading on the device, bar the slim bezels for the sides additionally, the relatively small top and bottom panels. Doesn’t necessarily look as impressively “full screen” as Apple’s iPhone X or Samsung’s Galaxy S8, though the 5T has visibly smaller bezels than most, including the Google Pixel 2 XL.

The screen just isn’t as high res as some competitors, getting this done full HD+ as Huawei did to its Mate 10 Pro, most won’t care because it clearly benefits battery lifespan. It appears great with good contrast, solid viewing angles and also your range of colour calibration including sRGB and DCI-P3. It seems particularly good with full-screen video.

The back within the device features a gentle curve, allowing it to be feel happy to keep, plus a minimalist aesthetic in all black, just the etched logo, fingerprint scanner, dual camera and flash visible. The antenna lines bend about the top and bottom edges just as they are doing about the OnePlus 5.

The fingerprint scanner for the back is genuinely great


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