Internet of Things

Online search engine lets users find live video of sleeping babies

For every advantage of online of things, which include being able to unlock a garage door with all your mobile phone, or find your motor vehicle keys by sending them a sms, there’s a downside.

From web-connected smoke-alarms which really can be “unintentionally deactivated” using the wave of a hand to smart lights that, after having a software update, refuse to help lightbulbs produced by other brands, it sometimes seems like online of products is simply an abbreviation “the internet of products that should donrrrt you have been coupled to the internet”.

This week, technology site Ars Technica highlighted one other reason to have the modern world resolutely unconnected: an internet search engine which enables users to find live video of everything from an internet-connected webcam which lacks proper security precautions. This ranges from banal feeds of back gardens, offices and shops


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