Rare right whale calf spotted off Florida coast

Florida conservationists have reported a sighting of your right whale calf from the Chesapeake bay.

Facing extinction, the North Atlantic right whale cannot adapt. Will any of us? | Philip Hoare

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In a Facebook post, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute stated it was the primary calf sighting of the critically endangered whale’s winter calving season.

Wildlife officials said the calf as well as mother were spotted on Friday offshore nearby the mouth in the St Johns river. The commission said the caretaker was spotted 5 days ago over Georgia coast.

Right whales typically migrate with the North Atlantic to supply birth off of the coasts of Georgia and Florida from December through March.

Scientists estimate directly about 450 North Atlantic right whales remain. No newborns were reported in the last calving season, simply five calves were counted in the previous year.

There isn’t good news for other cetaceans found off Florida, though. Greater dozen dolphin deaths in the region happen to be caused by a toxic algae bloom that’s got persisted within the Gulf coast of florida for more than a year.

The News-Press reported that roughly 130 dolphin deaths have been counted in south-west Florida at the moment only 16 produced definitive necropsy results. A government scientist said all 16 pointed to red tide poisoning because reason behind death.


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