#Starvecrow review

fter found footage and call footage films, here, while using inevitability strong in belted jeans launching a new iPhone model to a crowd of saucer-eyed disciples, will be the very first selfie movie C a naive and self-indulgent piece with almost no selecting it besides zeitgeist bragging rights.

Shot totally on camera phones through the actors, #Starvecrow can be a tiny-budget British drama in regards to a number of insufferably privileged twentysomething mates. Ben Willens is Ben, a controlling narcissist who creepily films everything on his phone. When his on-off girlfriend (Ashlie Walker) walks out permanently, he steals her friends’ mobiles C giving the film its footage of attention-seeking drunken antics and nastier behaviour never ideal for Snapchat. Ben, like among the lads from Produced in Chelsea after inadvertently catching an instalment of The Moral Maze on Radio 4, tells his psychotherapist which he wishes to see “between the cracks” of people’s lives.

The event is usually an endurance test of amateurish improv and muddled plotting, with some pseudo-arty cutaways thrown in. Inevitably the film-makers are sincere in looking to say something concerning the digital age, toxic masculinity additionally, the harmful impact of hypersexualising young ladies. But #Starvecrow left me feeling bored and annoyed.


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