Turning water into wine: how did simple H2O become a luxury commodity?

Turning water into wine: how did simple H2O turned into a luxury commodity?

From frequency ‘flavoured’ water to crystal infused, the layperson is surprised the amount a connoisseur will expend on the bottle of fantastic water.
Photograph: Manop Phimsit/Getty Images/EyeEm

From crystal infusions to water sommeliers and even bottling the regularity of rainbows, the best end of town has well and truly cashed in around the world’s most vital resource


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From frequency ‘flavoured’ water to crystal infused, the layperson could be surprised simply how much a connoisseur will pay with a bottle of a good water.
Photograph: Manop Phimsit/Getty Images/EyeEm

Tue 1 Jan 2019

Last modified on Wed 2 Jan 2019

ver the last few years, a silly and conspicuous sight is becoming commonplace from the cafes and eateries of Sydney’s inner suburbs: Frequency H20 Alkaline Spring Water. The stream, that amounted to AUD$3.30 per 1 litre bottle, proclaims being infused with the sound, light and literal frequencies of three very abstract “flavours”: Love (528Hz), Lunar (210.42Hz) and Rainbow (430-770THz).

Last year, Love took over as first Australian water in nearly 3 decades to place first during the best bottled water family of the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. Its creator, Sturt Hinton (not much of a typo; he’s ironically named following your desert), meets me in their local vegan fish and chip shop. It’s among 400 stores he personally delivers his product to whenever stocks run low.

“It’s about lifting the spirits of the world, there’s more I mean? And lifting my spirits,” he admits that. He was motivated to create Frequency H20 following a lengthy bout of crippling depression. “Just bringing delight to individuals, and it also delivers this promise to consumers through having something so expensive quality and the ones can taste it. They could see the difference. It’s clean, it’s light, merely enjoy it. They love the theory. Thats a wonderful concept. Beautiful water.”

The story of Frequency H20 was enough to pique the interest of Katy Perry (whose management requested it during her recent Witness tour), Paris Hilton (now following @frequencyh2o) additionally, the Veronicas, who share their appreciation online basic vigour they usually are unofficial brand ambassadors. Then year’s Berkeley Springs victory, the Australian government at large even took note, with Austrade selecting it for the official Commonwealth Games showcase. Though he states have invested $100,000 included in the development, Hinton is often unwilling to discuss the device he claims he designed (“It’s dislike Coke will probably surrender their trade secret.”) which makes his water by harnessing “the incredible natural alchemy of energised molecules”. Performing acknowledge this nebulous air of naturopathy is central for its appeal. Which will the trending but increasingly dubious thought alkaline water is superior to suit your needs than regular faucet water.

In the luxurious water business, a zero cost good is repackaged and resold as aspirational. “I think it’s just like the most marketable thing ever invented,” Hinton says.

The core of this idea of “fine water” may be similar to a new phenomenon, but in fact it returns on the Roman empire, where certain aqueducts were preferred, and even considered divine, and natural carbonated water was imported from Germania in earthen jars. The commercial revolution would literally poison the well, as mineral water was a vector for diseases like typhus and cholera. The rich meet the expense of to obtain unspoiled water delivered from remote sources; poor people simply died until municipal chlorination this chair was created Twentieth century helped people live longer.

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Bottled or otherwise not, now there are more and more people on the planet eating water than ever, and climate change may be resulting in a large dearth of the usb ports with longer plus much more intense droughts.

The story of water, then, would be the story on the planet


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