City frogs have sexier calls than country frogs, study finds

Tngara frogs mating. Male frogs have got to continue to work hard than their forest counterparts to achieve the females, says Prof Halfwerk. Photograph: Danita Delimont/Alamy Stock Photo

Further work with 20 forest and 20 urban females revealed both preferred to hop toward a speaker playing the elaborate call of any urban male than just a forest frog’s simpler effort, although both were recorded using the same background noise. In other words, the urban call was sexier. .

How to pull if you’re an male Tngara frog | Camila Ruz

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Halfwerk said the divergence suggests frogs that have wound up within the city could have a different larynx, change or possibly a neural difference which enables these to make more difficult calls.

The team now anticipate doing genetic studies and a large-scale breeding project to discover whether or not the differences are passed on down through generations.

Stuart West, a professor of evolutionary biology with the University of Oxford merely not in the study, called the research elegant. “Human activity is having a huge impact for the environments that animals stay in,” he was quoted saying. “This study reveals that it may even influence what males need to do to get mates.”


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