Netanyahu’s son banned from Facebook over hate speech

The son on the Israeli pm, Benjamin Netanyahu, is temporarily banned from Facebook right after a compilation of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian posts the social media said broke its rules on hate speech.

The company confirmed the ban after Yair Netanyahu, 27, claimed inside a tweet on Sunday that Facebook had blocked him all day and night for posting criticism after it removed a post a couple weeks ago during which he necessary revenge against “those monsters” after the fatal shooting of two Israeli soldiers by way of Palestinian with a bus station in the West Bank.

The prime minister’s son often known as in his Facebook posts a couple weeks ago for your expulsion of Palestinians, writing that he would prefer all Muslims end Israel.

In his tweet on Sunday, Netanyahu included a screenshot of merely one of your removed posts by which he wrote: “The thought police in the radical progressives at Facebook are near me in the process!”

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Yair Netanyahu posted several posts including hate speech C this clearly violates our community standards. Because of that, these content articles was taken off our platform, even as we would do for anyone posting similar content about any protected characteristic. After this, Yair Netanyahu made a decision to share a screen shot of a removed post and called people to share it C the similar to writing the hate speech over again.”

The company said hello never removes posts for criticising the company and Netanyahu’s claim “that we’ve been censoring criticism within the company within the platform is plainly untrue”.

Yair Netanyahu, the eldest within the prime minister’s children, has previously stoked controversy on his social media platforms, echoing his father’s message that Israel’s media and left are against him.

He posted a meme recently mocking his father’s critics, like the liberal Jewish financier States, which many Jewish groups, for example the Anti-Defamation league, said was antisemitic.

Over one more week we have seen an escalation of violence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, whereby five Palestinians and three Israelis, including a prematurely born baby, happen to be killed in attacks, clashes and arrest operations.

After two Israeli soldiers died, Netanyahu requested revenge. When Facebook removed that post, he wrote in another post, since removed, that Facebook was “trying to shut our mouths within the only place where we now have the right to express our opinions”.

He continued: “Hamas, Hezbollah and also the Iranian regime have official pages on Facebook. In addition there are endless pages with the destruction of Israel and also the murder of Jews. Countless violent and extreme left-wing posts against me and his dad, including threats of hatred and immoral murder threats.”

While Netanyahu’s political posts and attacks on Facebook resonate among some Israelis, less popular are scandals over his public access. Recently, Israeli media released a recording coming from a several years ago of Netanyahu using a date with friends on a strip club, by which he makes misogynistic statements and asks to gain access to money through the son of a single of his father’s friends.

The prime minister’s critics have attacked Yair for surviving in his father’s residence and having an individual, bodyguard together with other perks despite without needing any official government role.


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