Pixel 2: just what does Google want to do whether or not this would like to beat Apple’s iPhone?

With the Pixel 2 smartphones expected to launch on Wednesday, Google buying up a slice of smartphone manufacturer HTC and claiming to be “betting big on hardware”, how much does the Android-maker need to because of beat Apple?

Google has dabbled with hardware because first Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1 in 2008, following on top of the Nexus number of smartphones and tablets that had been used as showcases for your latest iterations of Android after which it last year’s Pixel. Although the search company has not been a large hardware player.

Instead, Google has spread its various services in all places on other companies’ devices. From Android, and that is now attached to 2bn devices, to your vast payments built to Apple to the default search engine around the iPhone, Google’s methods have been extremely successful.

Now it seems like Yahoo is not anymore happy to just put its services on others’ smartphones. It wishes to build its, and completing this task face Apple at once.

To do that Google should prove couple of things. An example may be it may do hardware, which its recent investment in a chunk of HTC’s business should ease. Next is that it will display the one thing other Android smartphone manufacturers have struggled with: differentiation.

“Where Android smartphones have grown to be a homogenous sea of sameness, together with the smartphones looking the identical with the same features, Google needs items that really demonstrate light beer the potential for Android,” said Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight. “Pixel gives it the chance to accomplish that.”

Smartphones likely have become increasingly uniform, nevertheless the software running on smartphones is still a mixed bag. Some manufacturers prefer to customise the normal Android experience and still have been slow to update their devices for that reason, which contains concluded in delays in rolling your latest Android


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