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Investigative journalism site The Intercept has received into the True Crime podcast game with Murderville, a set that will look into a series of unsolved murders in a town in Georgia, USA, along with the wrongful conviction case to come them.

Well worth a read is Guardian reporter Michael McGowan’s article on the case of Lyn Dawson, whose disappearance three decades ago has become the subject of true crime podcast Teacher’s Pet. Now inside wake from the arrest of Dawson’s husband Chris pertaining to true, some are asking themselves your house podcast’s popularity can prevent him from getting a fair trial.

Picks of the week

Broken Record

Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin are mates who often spend time throughout the barefoot super-producer’s gaff and tune in to music. Because you that is amazing scene, hear their new podcast, Broken Record. Its first episode features the interview between the pair, with Rubin writing about how he’d “manufacture exciting situations” together with the Beastie Boys to post headlines, as well as the formation of Run-DMC and Aerosmith’s Walk Using this method. Other episodes feature music and storytelling from Nile Rodgers and Rufus Wainwright. Hannah Verdier

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Footballers gossiping with what life to be a pro really is like has become a 2010 strong mini-trend in podcasting at the moment: before Gary Lineker’s kitchen chats with Danny Baker, there initially were these weekly banter sessions between your Stoke City striker and BBC journalists Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark, making use of Crouchy’s autobiography. A number of the minor characters mentioned in the past 3 months take any presctiption the guest list with this special episode, a Party inside the striker’s favourite curry house. Jack Seale

Guardian Pick: Science Weekly

At no more November, the concept of science was stunned when Chinese scientist Dr He Jiankui claimed which he had come up with world’s first known gene-edited babies. If true – but it is very much – the experiment could mark one among humanity’s biggest scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, it looks set to mark among science’s most controversial too. Following your announcement, a string of scientists voiced their anxiety about claims within the experiment being hugely unethical as well as ‘monstrous’.

To dig a bit of behind the quotes and headlines to come, our Science Weekly episode Gene-edited babies: how come scientists so appalled? saw host Hannah Devlin accompanied by a trio of experts as she tried to concentrate on what a lot of the risks might be for the twin girls born, including unintended effects like cancer and increased the likelihood of certain infections. The discussion also touched on a few of the shadier parts of the experimental protocol, including issues around informed consent on the parents has the scientist promises to have funded the whole thing away from his pocket. Essential listening in case you are keen to learn exactly what continued and, importantly, what the fallout may very well be for scientists throughout the world.

Producer Pick: Chapo: Kingpin on trial (Episode 1: The Fixer)

Chosen by Nicole Jackson (Executive Producer, Today in Focus)

This is VICE News’ first foray into podcasting, that is surprising, however the subject theme just isn’t. They’re since the Mexican drug lord El Chapo, who’s currently on trial in New york city. Cocaine. Tick. Men with guns. Tick. Up to now, so VICE. But they at the least possess the self awareness to see this, quoting nearby the originate as the spoof documentary Dronez: The Seek out El Chingon, that is about two hopeless hipster journalists about the trail of your drug lord.

Episode the first is a great listen because thing VICE always be wise is access. Host Keegan Hamilton with his fantastic producer Kate Osborn will be in El Chapo’s former territory – the Sinaloa cartel stronghold of Culiacn, where he connects with Miguel, a local journalist and fixer. Hamilton is soon chatting towards a heroin trafficker (who later looks as though he’s going to be murdered by way of the cartel) at in to the space crime scenes which make it the twelfth biggest city over the world. The podcast requires in to the streets of Culiacan and attempts to tell situation on the drug wars in the folks who live there, as an alternative to listening to experts in studios. And it’s really a bilingual podcast – with versions inside English and Spanish, the Spanish version living exclusively on Spotify.


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