It is possible to best cheap smartphone for any reluctant user?

You do not have any needs, this means you do not really need to spend any cash on a smartphone. If your grandkids need you to acquire one, try suggesting them to provide you one. They will club together for a Christmas present, nevertheless it doesn’t even have to be new. I expect many or else most people you know have one Android phone hanging out inside of a drawer.

Ask around. Most old Android phones count little or nothing. You could well have a friend who’ll provide you with one.

Pre-loved options

Failing that, start a regional look up on a classified website just like Gumtree, or try Preloved or Second-Hand etc. (Caveat emptor: I have not used either.) To keep your second-hand Android phones on and eBay, and possibly from local “cash converter” shops.

Android has become as many as version seven, AKA Nougat, although its eighth iteration, Oreo, is surrounding the corner. However, around one third of Android users are still on version six (Marshmallow), while a fifth have version 5.1 (Lollipop). Roughly several popular bands are using version 4.4.4 (KitKat) the same as to the latest Nougat. Grab the newest version you’ll be able to, while avoiding any sweets or puddings that appear before those, alphabetically speaking (Jelly Bean, Gingerbread etc).

Before you pay for a second-hand phone, check its approximate value.

Carphone Warehouse features a trade-in website which you could enter in the product name or IMEI and find a fee. One example is, it will give you


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