Smartphone GP service ‘risks luring doctors from frontline practice’

GP leaders have raised concerns in regards to the first NHS smartphone virtual GP service.

Millions of NHS patients who live or are employed various locations working in can register for the service offering a GP consultation via a smartphone 24×7.

But the Royal College of GPs revealed that even though the scheme is likely to be seen as golden ticket for a lot of patients, others are not entitled to it.

The GP on hand service C created with the technology company Babylon Health C offers a booking system by having a smartphone app, using the promise of a movie consultation within two hours of booking.

If the patient requires a face-to-face appointment, they must am a clinic in a very commuter hub.

Commenting within the launch on the project, Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair within the Royal College of GPs, said: “Technology is capable of wonderful things when used properly, but i am really worried that schemes like that are creating a twin-track approach to NHS general practice understanding that patients are being ‘cherry-picked’, which might actually enhance the pressures on traditional GPs perfectly found on the community.

“We recognize that with increasingly long waiting times to observe a GP, an internet based services convenient and appealing, but older patients and those to control more complicated needs want continuity of care along with the security of these local practice where their GPs know them.

Royal College of GPs warn profession could reach ‘breaking point’

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“We notice we have an extensive variety of patient conditions which include frailty, pregnancy and mental medical conditions which might be the essence of general practice, and which GPs handle each day, but which aren’t entitled to this service.

“While this scheme is backed through the NHS and gives a free service to patients, it can be undoubtedly luring GPs from frontline general practice at this time as facing a critical workforce crisis and hardworking GPs are incapable of deal with immense workloads.”

Dr Mobasher Butt, GP on hand partner, said: “We you must do everything from grocery shopping to our own banking online yet in relation to our wellbeing, it may still take weeks to discover your physician and frequently means spending time off benefit a scheduled appointment.

“With the NHS using fractional laser treatments, we could put patients while in front of a GP in no time in their phone, hence the times ringing frantically at 8am on an appointment must be gone.

“This new NHS service makes it easier for patients to discover your physician quickly without notice and everywhere you look and does not cost the NHS something more. It is just a win-win.”


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