How to find my inner ‘hero’: a sophisticated masculinity retreat

espite spending 62 years for a man, Irrrve never quite determined what the having my defining Y chromosome implies. I doubt, in fact ,, so much of your damn thing survives anyway. I’d been brought up in a generation when many the parenting was completed by mothers and I have now helped to create up four daughters as well as been through the crucible of two marriages. In other words, We have lived a majority of my entire life inside penumbra of girls.

Lately, in the tremors of #MeToo, #TimesUp, the Jordan Peterson phenomenon plus the emergence of “incels” (involuntary celibates) and Mgtow (men going their particular way), I find myself puzzling in the question: exactly what is masculinity anyway? As a measure to answer the question, I signed up for a weekend intensive course run from the media platform and transformational workshop company Rebel Wisdom, titled The modern Masculinity, in the retreat in a very converted barn in Buckinghamshire.

The weekend is based around the concept of the “hero’s journey” pioneered with the Jungian anthropologist Joseph Campbell. It signifies that all myths, stories and folk tales observe the same essential pattern simply because they reflect inner psychological states found in all humankind and therefore contain clues to the way might better “integrate” ourselves. The task involves, metaphorically, doing a cave and confronting the monster inside


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