The iPhone at 10: share your stories and memories

“A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a new mobile, and a breakthrough internet communications device.”

That’s how Steve jobs introduced the iPhone, that is released A decade’s ago this Thursday. A revolutionary concept on release, smartphones have become so ubiquitous you are most probably reading this article during one.

Is the iPhone really losing sight of fashion?

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We’d plan to hear our readers’ views and memories on the manufactured goods swallowed the entire world. What do you brand of the iPhone back then? Achieved produce positive changes to life, and if so, maybe it was for that better? Contains the phone dramatically changed like you would work, live, and play, or has it had an insignificant impact?

Have you remained loyal to the extender through its various iterations, and have you switched one of Apple’s competitors?

You can share your notions on 10 years of peering on a shiny rectangle by typing in the form below. We’ll build content determined by your ideas, views, and memories.


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