iPhone 8 Plus review: still massive C though not in a very smart way

he iPhone 8 Plus might have some fancy camera tricks up its sleeve, but will it be really worth buying its bulky frame previous to its sleeker rivals or potential on the iPhone X?

Like its smaller non-Plus sibling, designs for the iPhone 8 Plus has barely changed as it was introduced in 2014 while using iPhone 6 Plus, nevertheless it has aged worse. The iPhone 6 Plus was thin but relatively wide and tall for your smartphone by using a 5.5in screen in 2014, with big bezels including a chunky top and bottom.

Dated design

Four years over the variety of the iPhone 8 Plus should make it look incredibly dated, such as a cheap iPhone knock-off. It is just a feeling that’s accentuated by the new pinky gold colour, which reminds me of my grandma’s hideous bathroom suite


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