What are my rights if my flight from Gatwick is cancelled?

Can I claim compensation from my airline?

All airlines need to offer a refund, a promise to set the passenger about the next available flight or alternative routing. But, as a general rule flights are extremely heavily booked presently of this year, travellers can find the fact that next flight available is several days away. Compensation is not really payable in cases like this considering that the drone situation is going to be deemed to get after dark airline’s control.

I’m using manchester airport. Will the airline need to provide me meals or overnight accommodation?

Passengers experiencing severe delays lasting a lot more than a couple of hours should receive meals, refreshments, hotel accommodation or transfers. Experts from which? said: “If your flight’s delayed for around two hours your airline will have to offer you two free telephone calls, faxes or emails; free meals and refreshments appropriate for the delay; and free hotel accommodation and hotel transfers now of course overnight stay becomes necessary.”

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Will my travel insurer pay out?

A decent travel cover policy should cover the cost of travellers needing to abandon their Christmas plans because of the drone situation at Gatwick C including hotel and car rental cancellation within their destination C but as always with insurance the devil is with the detail. In line with, 90% of policies offer some cover for abandoning a trip after an extended delay (typically 12 to 24 hours). Maximum payouts vary from 250 to 12,500, with many bunched around 3,000 to 5,000.

My insurance policy is through my bank-account. Shall we be held covered?

Many travellers rely on the actual that includes their checking account. A very common policy is Nationwide’s Flex Plus account, whose small print express it makes sense around 5,000 if you abandon the quest and return home, as long as the delay into the flight is ideal for at the very least six hours on journeys of four nights or fewer, or 12 hours on journeys of 5 nights and up.

How are you presently troubled by the delay at Gatwick airport?

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That said, it’s often a battle to claim against insurers through these circumstances, and the very low policies bought on comparison sites will probably reject claims. The vast majority of policies provide an excess, that’s usually at least 100. It means the 1st 100 from the claim is definately not paid.

Do insurers compensate if it is a terrorist incident?

If Thursday’s drone attack is said a terrorist incident, then this insurers is not going to spend. A normal overuse injury in plans is “cancellation due to war or terrorism isn’t insured by your policy”.


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