‘It’s God’s plan’: the male who hopes for bringing intensive chicken farming to Africa

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Thu 27 Dec 2018

n the night of 7 August 2018, a KLM charter flight left Amsterdam, landing 11 hours later at Kilimanjaro airport in northern Tanzania. Its young occupants were nodded through immigration and driven 50 miles thus to their house, near a number of Africa’s most popular game parks.

These were no tourists hoping to see lions from the nearby Serengeti. Both,320 little cockerels and 17,208 hens into your carry-on were a flock of European-bred pedigree Cobb 500 chickens, by far the most desired breed. Their destination: an online 200-hectare mega-farm under construction inside the windy foothills of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here, where wildlife and nomadic tribes have always roamed, Tyson, earth’s second-largest food company, has set up with Irvine’s, Africa’s oldest industrial chicken producer. When using the backing of any devout Christian businessman, Donnie Smith, the 3 partners try to revolutionise food production in central Africa and “save” people from hunger by growing chickens upon an American scale. Small chicks and hens are classified as the expeditionary force of the army of Cobb 500s to adhere to.

Irvine’s $20m (


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