Our 15 favourite podcasts of 2018

Dear Joan and Jericha

Recommended by Rachel Humphreys, producer, Today in Focus
Not to your faint-hearted, this is certainly among the funniest and a lot indulgent whatever i have paid attention to in ages. Julia Davis and Vicky Pepperdine are brilliant as agony aunts who give ridiculous advice to people who desperately want their help. Don’t produce the mistake I made, though; it’s not at all someone to recommend to your mum.

In the No/The Shadows

Recommended by Charlie Phillips, head of documentaries
Both my favourites at the moment involved Kaitlin Prest. From the No, a collaboration with Rabiolab, accompanied on her series about her personal history of consent. Within it, the Radiolab team spoke to groups engaging with all the perception of tallying with no during sexual situations, with all the knottiness and honesty were required to discuss this stuff. It genuinely pushed the conversation on.

Meanwhile, I loved her newest series, The Shadows, an article of your beginning along with the end associated with a relationship told from different perspectives. I’ve never heard the feelings of infatuation, jealousy and love expressed in these complexity and intensity. I observed it in a variety of airports world wide and forgot where I had been.

Endless Thread

Recommended by Danielle Stephens, producer, Chips with Everything
Boston station WBUR teams plan Reddit to search for the weirdest, wackiest conspiracy theories from the “Redditsphere” and attempt to get to the bottom of which. They speak with the authors on the original thread, then investigate it by checking out the people who would’ve been involved, even from decades past. A month or more ago, they checked the Deadly Double dice game conspiracy to find out if an advert that had been put into the revolutionary Yorker featuring the action would have been a warning for the impending attack on Pearl Harbour. Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson, the podcast is cult listening for those who are excited about being interested.


Recommended by Danielle Stephens, producer, Chips with Everything
Cariad Lloyd’s podcast won nearly every award moving in 2018 and deservedly so


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