Robot-fried chicken

Name: Robot-fried chicken.

Flavours: Original, red and hokkaido cheese.

Location: The TOC Osaki branch of Lawson.

The where branch of the? Lawson is a giant convenience store chain that originated Ohio, but is already approximately entirely Japanese.

OK … TOC Osaki is really a building within the Shinagawa district of Tokyo, near Lawson’s headquarters.

I see. And they’ve already a robot frying chicken, they have? Actually they’ve. More precisely, this makes instant Karaage-kun.

Never mind being precise. Just figure out the pain you are dealing with. I’ll try. Karaage is certainly a popular Japanese chicken dish, usually deep-fried in spiced batter.

Yum. Along with the Lawson stores sell unique, cheap brand called Karaage-kun. It makes about 2bn pieces each and every year.

OK, that is a lot. Karaage-kun features a cartoon chicken within the box, and Katy Perry loves it.

Those are important facts. Thank you so much. But Lawson says it struggles to find enough staff to make Karaage-kun in stores, so it has produced a robotic to accomplish it. This machine shall be working along at the TOC Osaki branch until 28 December.

So it’s working trial shifts? Essentially.

And can it use advanced biomechanics to delicately prepare every bit of chicken with dexterous robotic precision? Not quite. You will want to dial down your expectations slightly. It’s basically a steel box by using a plastic rooster’s comb stuck to the top level.

Oh. You get higher for the machine, go on a card to mirror which from the three flavours you want, exchange the credit card for the paper box with human staff for the till, pay 216 yen (about 1.50), unfold the therapy lamp, scan it, input it to the machine and wait 60 seconds or so consuming packed with freshly fried chicken.

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That seems needlessly elaborate. But ultimately delicious.

Why not merely press a control button, swipe your card and eat some chicken, instead of all this business with boxes and waiting in the till? I’m unclear. Although something a couple of cute cartoon chicken using advanced technology to generate me go through an elaborate social ritual sounds distinctly Japanese.

I guess. And this also robot looks like the sort of thing I’d worship on my knees after i get hungry at 2am. Yes. Even though the robot stops working at dusk, is really a popular store is open One day.

Robots won’t control the modern world achievable attitude. Personally, I’m relieved.

Do say: “I’ll come back … to attempt additional delicious flavours.”

Don’t say: “Here it really is, brain sized a planet, so we ask it cooking chicken.”


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