Internet of Things

Could a robotic run your small business?

elcome towards the Henn na hotel in Sasebo, Japan. Its team of friendly, helpful staff speak several languages and may invite you which includes a smile, carry your bags about one of the building’s 72 rooms and, not surprisingly, perform housekeeping after getting tested. Howevere, if that you are wondering why the receptionist looks a little dead behind your eye area, it is because she isn’t human. Out of your 12 employees at the hotel, that could accessible to guests in a few days, couple of are flesh and blood. The opposite 10 are life-like robots.

It seems like sci-fi but advances in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are revolutionising how organizations are run. And it’s not only for hospitality. From manufacturing to accountancy, the increase from the robots means the days of living, breathing people managing a production line or calculating your taxes may just be numbered. But could robots ever actually be a substitute for warm-blooded workers? Or is there instances when you might need a human touch?

“The work robots would be better at is rote work


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