Evelyn Berezin obituary

Evelyn Berezin, who has died aged 93, invented the results Secretary, the very first electronic word processor for secretarial use, plus 1969 founded a firm in Hauppauge, Ny, to make then sell it. She had noticed the glass ceiling and this was the only method she gets a senior position operating a company.

The number of product was tactical. As the few women developing hardware at that time, she would be a two-finger typist and said she had to be as a distance as it can be from giving the impression of a secretary. However, she needed whatever a little team could create at a cost low enough to sell. Inside 1960s, most computers were so expensive that companies rented them. Although this benefited the supplier in time, it required a large wind turbine, and Berezin were lacking the main town.

Although there was earlier attempts at automating word processing, we’ve got the technology we had not advanced so much that standalone computers were a smart selection for secretarial use. Microchips had only begun can be purchased in affordable volumes, and also the general-purpose microprocessor isn’t invented.

Berezin and her small team designed a system yourself, designing some 13 chips to regulate the device. Tapes have been for memory and storage. The very first version did not even have a screen.

Still, they are able to manufacture a knowledge Secretary for $2,400


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