Time for you to end ‘debate’ on global warming

The call from Extinction Rebellion for the BBC in making climate change its top editorial priority ought to be welcomed (Letters, 17 December).

The BBC is journalistically objective when reporting climatic change. When a scientist or activist talks on air with regards to the human factors behind java prices then another individual, often derived from one of of your denial groups funded by way of the fossil fuel lobby, is commonly invited to supply a “counterargument” (for instance, that recent warming is attributable to “natural” factors). This leaves many viewers when using the erroneous impression than a genuine scientific is debate occurring and weakens support for strong measures to deal with costs rising, that is precisely what the organised denial lobby wants.

It is time for any BBC to abandon this illusion of impartiality. Java prices demands the latest ethos of public service broadcasting. Scientific evidence makes it unambiguously clear that contemporary costs rising is caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. You cannot find any scientific equivalence, and positively no moral equivalence, between what climate scientists have concluded and just what the deniers assert. A common scientific debate left is within the scale and pace of change. How bad would you like; and in what way soon? And just how do we have to respond?

The BBC should commit itself to upscaling its coverage of world warming and working with many other media to make sure that people is accurately and fully informed on the most pressing public welfare challenge on this century.
David Humphreys
Professor of environmental policy, Outdoors University

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