Upgrade downturn: why do people keeping their old phones?

It is only a fortnight through to the launch from the new iPhone, but shoppers outside Apple’s flagship London store express no enthusiasm at the idea of queuing up for this.

A common refrain among phone owners away from shop should be to denote their handset while stating: “I’ll probably wait until it breaks.” The revolutionary iPhone makes its debut on 12 September as well as being rumoured to have a variety of new features with an Apple device, including eradicating your property button about the front on the handset, but there is a perception among cellular phone owners how the pace of technological evolution has slowed.

Phone replacement has slumped throughout the uk since 2013, when consumers got a new a different one every 20 months. As outlined by retailer Dixons Carphone, people now invest in a new handset every 29 months.

Speaking away from the Apple store on Regent Street, Leon Allard, 31, said: “These days, particularly with the iPhone, there isnrrrt a great deal of distinction the phones released.” He added that price was a “big thing” when it comes to upgrades, with the next iPhone most likely to cost at the very least


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