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Adelaide being Australia’s first smart city but not forget privacy

Stepping within the elevator with the school for computer sciences hub at Adelaide University, Prof Ali Babar shakes his head in exasperation.

As the doors close the pinnacle of your Australian centre for smart cities mentions over recently found dead in China 30 days after technicians attempting to fix a glitch cut chance to the lift she is in and left her stranded inside.

“That’s any type of thing that wouldn’t take place in a clever city,” according to.

Babar recently finished at a later date coordinating which has a coalition of government, business and academia about his pursuit for turn Adelaide into a trial site for such innovations that might someday be released round the most of Australia and around the world.

Is the online market place of products putting your child’s privacy vulnerable?

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The goal is to identify techniques emerging digital technologies can improve how the city functions, whether traffic jam, reducing carbon emissions or


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