Five planned missions to Mars

Nasa’s InSight Lander

Last week, Nasa successfully landed its InSight probe on Mars, included in a two-year mission for study the planet’s deep interior. Nasa is likewise organizing a rover mission for 2020, to examine indication of life and collect data for future expeditions.

ExoMars 2020

The European Space Agency as well as its Russian counterpart, Roscosmos, have teamed up on this mission, planned for summer 2020. Utilizing a European rover along with a Russian surface platform, the work aims to examine the planet’s atmospheric gases for evidence of biological or geological activity.

China’s 2020 Probe

Landing tests are currently arrived for China’s first independent pursuit for Mars in August 2020. Its an example of four deep space exploration missions planned by China’s National Space Administration, by having an asteroid probe expected in 2022 and also a mission for the Jupiter system set for 2029.

The Emirates Mars Mission

In the first Arab pursuit for another planet, the UAE Space Agency’s Hope spacecraft will be to launch in July 2020. The probe, that can study the Martian atmosphere, should land during the early 2021, coinciding when using the 50th anniversary on the founding of your UAE.

SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket

With high desires for humanity’s future on Mars, Elon Musk’s space exploration company is building a fully reusable space-launch system, trying to find its first cargo mission in 2022. A crewed mission is intended to follow in 2024, building a base through which Musk hopes to establish a thriving city and, eventually, a self-sustaining civilisation.


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