Spacewatch: Nasa to produce new crewed craft in 2019

asa as well as commercial partners, Boeing and SpaceX, are nearing the end of their programme to produce new crew capsules that could work as taxis between Earth along with the International Space Station (ISS).

Two final uncrewed test flights were confirmed for the coming year, which will be and then the main astronauts during the warm months.

The US may be minus the domestic method for launch its astronauts since 2011, once the Takes space shuttle was retired. Consequently, it’s been depending on Russian Soyuz craft to cart Americans into space.

In tandem, Nasa has long been developing capsules during the commercial crew programme. That effort is reaching the ultimate stages. On 7 January, SpaceX will launch its first Crew Dragon spacecraft, that will be an uncrewed test flight to the ISS that could pave the way for the primary crewed flight in June.

In March, Boeing will conduct the identical test of their CST-100 Starliner during the run-up to a crewed launch in August. Prior to the manned flights, both companies will work launchpad and inflight-abort tests. Nasa is also performing a overview of its workplace safety culture at the companies.


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